Gustav Nyquist Nearly Took Out Jared Spurgeon’s Eye With a High Stick [Video]

Gustav Nyquist of the Detroit Red Wings is about to get a fairly long suspension. During the 1st period of a game against the Minnesota Wild on Sunday, Nyquist retaliated to a cross-check by hitting Minnesota’s Jared Spurgeon in the face with the blade of his stick.

Nyquist only received a double-minor and went on to assist on two 2nd period goals. Nyquist will have an in-person hearing about the play at NHL headquarters where he’ll receive a suspension of at least 5 games.

Nyquist says it was an accident, which if you watch the video, huh? How? Via the Minnesota Star Tribune:

But this one came in a controlled hockey play with Nyquist staring directly at Spurgeon. Nyquist said it was “completely accidental.”

“My stick gets caught, I’m trying to get body position on him,” Nyquist said. “It looks bad, but I’m happy he’s OK.”

Detroit coach Jeff Blashill also jumped to his player’s defense, saying, “I’ve known Nykey for six-plus years and there’s no chance there was any intent.”

Spurgeon escaped with a fat lip and some stitches.

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