A-Hole Caps Fan Knocks Female Penguins Fan to Ground After Game [Video]

The Capitals suffered a heartbreaking Game 7 loss to the Penguins on Wednesday night, an all-to-familiar sight for DC sports fans. Some level of being distraught is to be expected, but the level of surliness from this fan was way out of bounds. Towards the end of the video, via Busted Coverage, you see two women in Penguins jerseys walk by the cameraperson, who by this point was not recording the surly fan directly any longer.

However, the video turns back right after one of the women got checked to the ground. “I didn’t hit her, I just walked through her,” the man stated unapologetically, after he had told her not to be so effing happy about it. He should be arrested.

This was not the only ugly scene outside the arena:

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