The Chargers Will Have To Play The Next Three Seasons In A Soccer Stadium

The $2.6 billion stadium being built to house the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers won’t be ready until 2020 because of record-setting rainfall in Southern California over the past year.

Instead of opening in 2019 as planned, both franchises will have to spend an extra year in someone else’s stadium. That means the Chargers will have to spend three seasons playing football in the 30,000-seat StubHub Center.

This entire move by the Chargers has been so mismanaged it’s hard not to enjoy the dumpster fire. Absolutely no one in Los Angeles cares that the team moved there and absolutely everyone in San Diego is done with the franchise. The Spanos family now owns a team that is without a fanbase, a stadium or a true home.

Nice Work fellas. I’m sure this will all work out for ya.

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