Speedster Tyreek Hill Scores Two Touchdowns To Lift Chiefs Past Raiders [Video]

Tyreek Hill is on a tear for the Chiefs of late. He had one receiving and one return touchdown in the first half of last nights games against the Raiders in an important AFC West matchup. He’s one of those athletes that is so coordinated and fast that it’s almost like he’s in the matrix and things are moving at a different speed for him.

Hill was the Chiefs’ fifth round pick in this year’s draft. As his been well documented, he slipped that far with his insane level of talent because two years ago he was kicked off Oklahoma State’s football team after he punched a pregnant girlfriend in the stomach and choked her.

As for Travis Kelce, well he enjoyed Hill’s touchdowns as much as anybody.

The Chiefs would go on to win 21-13 and take control of the AFC West.


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