Seahawks Quinton Jefferson Tries To Fight Fan Who Threw Drink At Him [Video]

The Seahawks and the Jaguars game got ugly Sunday afternoon as multiple players were ejected, and Jags fans we seen throwing drinks at a Seahawks player. With about a minute left in the game, Seahawks Michael Bennett went low on a Jags offensive lineman while Jacksonville was in their victory formation. Bennett’s actions led to both teams getting into a scuffle on the field which resulted in an ejection for Seahawks Sheldon Richardson for throwing a punch.

As Jefferson was making his way to the locker room a pissed off Jags fan threw his drink at the Seahawks defensive lineman. Jefferson then proceeded to go attempt to jump into the stands to fight the fan who threw the drink at home.

Thankfully we didn’t have another Malice in the Palace situation where an athlete beat the shit out of a fan for throwing a drink at him.

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