Rob Gronkowski Acted in a Movie and Joanna Krupa is Annoyed He Didn’t Promote It More

Rob Gronkowski has a moving coming out today. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it folks, it’s probably not playing near you. In fact, the only reason I know the movie exists is that TMZ spoke to Joanna Krupa and she said Gronk had trouble with his lines and she thinks he should have done more work to promote the film. That’s a curious demand because Gronk shows up in the trailer to deliver one awkward line. Still, he’s front and center on the movie poster. As are Krupa and Armand Assante. You know, the three people involved who that people might recognize.

Those three also appear to have the fewest lines of anyone who appears in the trailer. I really do hope “someone needs to do some explaining what’s going on” is Gronk’s one and only line in the entire film.

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