Packers FB John Kuhn Makes the Vikings Pay in Green Bay’s 24-10 Win Over the Vikings [Video Highlights]



The Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers are playing for the second time in two weeks, only this time is in the first round of the NFL playoffs. Another huge difference in this game is Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder will not be starting (shoulder injury) behind center for Minnesota, it will be backup Joe Webb who has not taken a snap all year. This was due to be a interesting game. 


In his first start of the season Joe Webb drove the Vikings down the field using his ability to get outside the pocket to make plays, setting up a early field goal chance for Minnesota.


[UPDATE: Blair Walsh is good from 33 yards to give the Vikings the early 3-0 over the Packers in Lambaeu Field]


[UPDATE: After being stop on their following possession, Packers RB Ryan Grant is stuffed on 3rd & 2, but the Vikings were lined up offsides to give the Packers a 1st down.]


[UPDATE: Green Bay RB DuJuan Harris leads the Packers into the red zone, and eventually punches it in on a short and goal to give the home team a 7-3 in the 2nd quarter]



[UPDATE: The Vikings punt the ball back to the Packers after going 3-and-out. Green Bay will start at their own 27-yard line with 6 min left in the 2nd quarter.]



[UPDATE: Rodgers finds Jennings for a gain of 32 yards on 4th down. Packers WR Tom Crabtree hurdles a defender as he picks up a 1st down. However, Minnesota’s defense would come up huge on 3 goal line stands, and the Packers would settle for a field goal extending their lead to 10-3 late in the 2nd quarter.]


[UPDATE: Packers pass rusher Clay Matthews had his team’s first sack of the evening during the second quarter of Saturday night’s Wild Card game against the Minnesota Vikings. I’m not entirely sure he actually meant to sack Vikings backup quarterback Joe Webb, but, hey, whatever works.]



[UPDATE: Backup quarterback Joe Webb is having all sort of trouble, going three and out, giving the Packers the ball back with 2 minutes left and all three time outs.]


[UPDATE: Aaron Rodger would make the Vikings pay, hooking up with Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings on two big passing plays. Packers FB John Kuhn with a 3-yard touchdown run with 38 seconds left in the half would give the Green Bay the 17-10 lead at halftime]


[UPDATE: Joe Webb has made Vikings fans miss Christian Ponder as the Vikes trail by two touchdowns. Green Bay will start with the ball at the beginning of the second half.]



[UPDATE: The Packers would receive the 2nd half kickoff, and on another crucial 3rd down & 4, Aaron Rodgers scrambled for the first down, continuing the drive all the way into Vikings territory with 11:35 in the 3rd quarter.


[UPDATE: After a bonehead play by the Vikings special teams, in which Minnesota lined up with 12 players trying to black a field, gave the Packers a first down. Rodgers would make them pay as he found FB John Kuhn across the middle, who went in for the helicopter style touchdown. Green Bay is all over the Vikings 24-3 late in the 3rd quarter.]



[UPDATE: Joe Webb has found a little room to pass as he hits TE Kyle Rudolph for a first down, leading the Vikings into Green Bay territory. However, on a 3rd and 8 the Vikings failed to convert for the first down. Down 21 points, Minnesota decided to go for it on 4th and 3, leading to a Clay Mathews sack and fumble.]



[UPDATE: Minnesota’s defense would give the Vikings one last chance to make a comeback, forcing the Packers to punt down 24-3 late in the 3rd quarter.]



[UPDATE: The Green Bay defense would come up big again intercepting a down field pass from Joe Webb, retaining the ball on their own 10 yard line to start the 4th quarter. This game is all but over.]


[UPDATE: This is now verging on the mark of embarrassing as the Vikings force the Packers to punt yet again, but muff the punt return and turn it over to Green Bay once again with 12:33 left in the 4th quarter, 23-4 Packers.]



 [UPDATE: Packers fans are enjoying the game despite being in below freezing temperatures, as their defense once again forces the Vikings to punt with 10:00 min left to play.]



[UPDATE: The Vikings would get the ball back with under 9 min to play in a last ditch effort to try and make a improbable comeback.]


[UPDATE: With 3:39 left in the game, the Packers had a miscue on defense and let Vikings WR Michael Jenkins slip behind the secondary for a easy 50 yard touchdown pass. Its a little to late but the Viks cut the lead to 24-10 late in the 4th quarter.]



[UPDATE: Both stars didn’t put up huge numbers, but Rodgers got the job done. He did great job of spreading the ball around tonight.  ]



[UPDATE: The Vikings scratch QB Christian Ponder from the lineup at the last minute and are forced to start Joe Webb, who couldn’t ignite the Minnesota offense. The Packers roll 24-10 in the NFC Wild Card showdown and will face the San Francisco 49ers next week.]

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