Michael Vick on Colin Kaepernick: “The stand that he took has nothing to do with him not having a job”

Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick appeared on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, hosted today by Jason Whitlock. After being asked about Colin Kaepernick, Vick first said that Kaepernick’s protests were “a good thing,” and then expressed his opinion on Kaepernick this year.

“The stand that he took has nothing to do with him not having a job and playing in the National Football League right now,” Vick told Whitlock. “And being frank, Colin didn’t have the best two years his last two seasons. It wasn’t as productive as what we’ve seen him do.”

It’s hard to say that Kaepernick’s national anthem protests has nothing to do with why he is not on a NFL roster. The simple truth is that teams don’t think he’s a starting QB, and with that being said, teams don’t want a backup who gets the more attention than their starter and especially one who will bring divisiveness to a locker room. However, I do believe that without the protest, he would have been signed already.

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