Marshawn Lynch Smacks Phone Out Of Fans Hand, Then Spits In Their General Direction [Video]

Marshawn Lynch has been rumored to make a return to the NFL, on Monday the former Seahawks running back arrived at LAX. Waiting for him outside were two teens, 17 and 18, who according to TMZ were tipped off about his flight. The two teens approached Lynch and asked for his autograph. Lynch was obviously in a bad mood or just didn’t like the gawking, decided to knocked one of their phones out of their hands. He then went back into the airport, only to return and spit in their general direction.

While it is relatively surprising that this sorta thing does not happen more often — can you imagine how much it must suck to have strangers film you on the regular whenever you’re out in public, and gawk at you like you’re a zoo animal? — Lynch should know that at LAX of all places this is standard operating procedure. It goes without saying there are better ways for him to have handled it.

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