Josh Gordon Scores His First Touchdown In Nearly Four Years [Video]

Watch as Josh Gordon scored his first touchdown in nearly 4 years in the first quarter of today’s Browns-Bears game.

Earlier in the week, Gordon talked about his emotional return to Cleveland.


Definitely a different feeling for sure at a home compared to an away game. More emotional? For sure, I believe,” Gordon said Friday. “I hope the fans are into it. I’ll be into it and excited regardless of the occasion. It’s just that extra amp because it’s a home game, and I haven’t played here in a long time, so I’m super excited. The fans come with it every week. I believe that feeling will be reciprocated.”

“It’s just a place that’s fun,” Gordon said. “It’s a place that I enjoy. It’s my passion. It’s what I love to do. It’s not too cerebral, it feels like. A lot of it just feels second nature. It does feel like something that’s just what I’m meant to do. It does feel freeing as opposed to doing anything else. I have fun. I have other hobbies, but this is where I feel the most free.”

 Hope this a good sign of things to come for the kid.

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