The Raiders Are Going To Regret Giving An Overrated Jon Gruden A $100 Million Contract

In a move literally EVERYONE expected, current ESPN broadcaster Jon Gruden will be returning to the NFL coaching ranks as he will be officially announced as the new head coach of the Oakland Raiders on Tuesday at a “splashy” new conference.

Gruden was pretty clear that he was NOT getting a stake in the team’s ownership, but based on the contract Adam Schefter claims Gruden will be receiving he will have more than enough money to buy a stake once he retires.

Gruden is a decent head coach but not a great one, and has been out of the league for nearly a decade. These coaches have higher career winning percentages:

Guys like Chuck Pagano (.552) Dennis Green (.546), Jim Mora (.541), Brian Billick (.556), Jim Caldwell (.554), Wade Phillips (.562), Ron Rivera (.576) and Mike Smith (.589) all have better marks than him. None of those guys is knocking down the doors of the Hall of Fame as a head coach.

The beginning of this contract may turn out to be fine but the back-end is going to functionally be like when a baseball team is on the hook for insane numbers while the former star player’s body is breaking down.

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