Jim Irsay On Andrew Luck’s Prolonged Injury: “It’s Inside His Head Now.”

The Indianapolis Colts are right behind the Cleveland Browns as the biggest dumpster fire in the NFL. As if things weren’t bad enough for Indy, now the owner has come out and thrown his  superstar franchise QB under the bus. Well done, Jim Irsay!

Here are some details from Bob Kravitz:

During a commercial cut-in of Dan Patrick’s national radio show, guest Tony Dungy, who did not know he was on the air, told Patrick during a break that Irsay recently said he believes that what’s holding Luck back from returning to the field is more mental than it is physical.

Patrick asked Dungy about the Luck situation, and Dungy responded, “I don’t know what’s going on there. Jim Irsay made a comment about six weeks ago, ‘It’s inside his head now.’”

Patrick: “Wait, it’s inside Luck’s head?”

Dungy: “Yeah, [Irsay] said that when I was out [in Indianapolis] for Peyton’s ceremony.”

The story goes on to say that Irsay and the Colts didn’t prepare at all for Luck to miss the first month or more of the season (he won’t play now at all), and it sure sounds like Irsay is blaming his star QB for that.

It probably won’t happen because Andrew Luck is to damn nice,  but we’re getting close to the QB demanding a trade. And nobody should blame him because of the gross incompetence of that organization.

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