Jets’ Sheldon Richardson Fires Shot At Former Teammate Brandon Marshall [Video]

New York Jets defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, who had several feuds with former teammate Brandon Marshall last season, took a not-so-subtle shot Tuesday at the new Giants wide receiver.

Richardson and several players in the Jets locker room had issues with Marshall’s outspoken leadership and it all came to a head after the Jets 41-3 loss to New England last season.


There’s a growing sense of animosity on the team toward Marshall. A week ago, he irked several teammates with a halftime tirade during the Jets’ 41-3 loss to the New England Patriots,

“He should be embarrassed,” Richardson said after the game in New England, referring to Marshall.

Marshall wasn’t in the locker room after Sunday’s game. He was inactive for the first time in two seasons, ostensibly because of hip and shoulder injuries.

A year ago, Marshall’s teammates voted him the Jets’ MVP award, but his production declined and his outspoken leadership style chafed teammates. Asked if he could co-exist with Marshall next season, Richardson said, “No comment.”

Knowing Marshall’s history of being outspoken, and not one to hold back his thoughts, I’m sure a response will becoming shortly.

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