Jerry Jones Chased Down A Cameraman To Make Sure He Was Photographed While Taking a Knee [Video]

On Monday Night, Jerry Jones and the entire Dallas Cowboys team knelt before the national anthem played as a show of unity among the players and ownership.

Apparently the entire pre-anthem plan was orchestrated by Jones himself.

Via Star-Telegram

It was Jones who came up with the idea for the Cowboys’ organized, coordinated and unified response to President Donald Trump’s criticism of NFL players for protesting racial inequality during the national anthem.

Jones, who donated $1 million through one of his companies to Trump’s inaugural committee, refused to call out the president for his controversial remarks, but took pride in how the team handled the situation that ultimately was his creation.

Minutes before kneeling with his team, Jones was spotted hunting down a cameraman to make sure he was the center of attention while filming went down.

Jerry always knows where the cameras are and should be. On him.

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