Jay Glazer Unveils Surveillance Video of Suspected Tom Brady Jersey Thief

Earlier today, Jay Glazer of Fox Sports broke the news that the FBI had obtained Tom Brady’s stole Super Bowl jersey from a man posing as a member of the membia.

Glazer then went on to Colin Cowherd’s show this afternoon to release a piece of the video authorities used to track down the alleged suspect of Tom Brady’s stolen jerseys.

In both the video presentation and his description of it, Glazer is being very careful to say merely that this is the person that authorities are keying in on as a suspect. But, you see the suspect enter and exit the locker room with relative haste.

Glazer also said that this suspect was also believed to be in possession of Von Miller’s helmet, which went missing at last year’s Super Bowl.

This whole story remains very crazy. Meanwhile this information has since come out:

Here is Glazer’s full interview on The Herd.

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