Here’s Tom Brady Wearing Four Super Bowl Rings And Dancing Awkwardly, While The Patriots Party Their Ass Off [Video]

The New England Patriots enjoyed a night out at a club last night to celebrate receiving their Super Bowl rings. And boy, did they ever get turnt.

Tom Brady wore all four of his rings at once and fist bumped.

According to ESPN’s Mike Reiss, the rings feature 205 diamonds, as well as the Rovell-reported-trademarked phrases “Do Your Job” and “We Are All Patriots;” Kraft acknowledged the rings’ ever-increasing size in a statement. Brady also hit the dance floor, and displayed his moves for Wiz Khalifa.

And, of course, so did Gronk:

Here’s the best photo from the evening:

Robert Kraft may not have had the most gracious past five months, but there aren’t too many men in the world who wouldn’t want to trade lives with him for at least a day.

Man. Winning is fun.


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