Gronk Somehow Doesn’t Get Ejected After Delivering Dirty Cheap Shot After Bills Interception

Tre’Davious White intercepted a Tom Brady pass that was intended for Rob Gronkowski. Evidently displeased about contact before the interception, Gronk bellyflopped on White, who was down and already out of bounds, and drove his arm into White’s helmet. This was a pretty dirty play by Gronk, and he can expect to be fined this week. Nevertheless, he was not ejected and there wound up being offsetting penalties.

While Gronk was probably right to be frustrated, he was being held during the play, but the dude knows he can’t WWE slam  a defenseless player just lying down on the field.

The league will definitely look at this play later this week, and I wouldn’t doubt Gronk gets suspended a game or two.

After the game, Gronk apologized to White for the hit.

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