Gisele Says Tom Brady Had A Concussion Last Year, And Has Had One Pretty Much Every Year [Video]

Tom Brady’s wife, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, went on CBS This Morning and told Charlie Rose that Brady “had a concussion last year — he has concussions pretty much every ye– we don’t talk about it”:

The sports media is going to blow this story up, especially since Brady was not listed by the Patriots as having a concussion or being in concussion protocol at any point last season. Nevertheless, we’re unlikely to get any firm answers on these comments going forward.

He has previously made comments, which were deemed problematic, that concussions are a “part of life.” In a 2015 interview with WEEI, Brady declined to answer how many concussions he’s had. Like Russell Wilson, Brady once endorsed a “concussion recovery” beverage.

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