Ezekiel Elliott Is Going To Take His Suspension As Far As Tom Brady Did, Hires Super Lawyer Jeffrey Kessler

The name Jeffrey Kessler instantly makes any professional sports league commissioner cringe, and for good reason. 

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Kessler is probably best known in sports circles for working magic on the Latrell Sprewell case. After choking his coach, Sprewell was suspended for 82 games and docked millions of dollars. Kessler went to court and got his client millions back, and the suspension reduced.

More recently, Kessler represented Tom Brady in Deflategate, and for awhile, it looked like he would be victorious. Then Brady eventually threw in the towel and took his 4-game suspension. But, he did get to play for the season in which he was to be suspended.

Does this mean after Elliott loses his appeal, he’ll take it to court, and thus be able to play this season? Stay tuned.

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