Ezekiel Elliott Appealing Conviction for Speeding 100 mph on Tollway

Ezekiel Elliott is all over the news outlets these past few days, after video surfaced of him punching a DJ at Dallas bar. However, now there is a story of a speeding ticket earlier this year. Back in April, Elliott was ticketed for going 100 miles per hour on a highway near Frisco, Texas.

According to the Dallas News, his attorney filed a letter pleading no contest on June 28th, the court accepted the plea on July 5th, and the Justice of the Peace signed paperwork entering the conviction into the record on July 14th, which just so happened to come a couple of days before the latest drama at a Dallas-area bar.

So now they are appealing a conviction. Elliott is not the first to speed in a 2016 Dodge Charger and won’t be the last, but when it’s added on to the other events of the last year, well, it just means one more thing for which Roger Goodell will give him a stern look.

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