Darrelle Revis Investigated for Assault After Street Fight Knockout at 2:30 am in Pittsburgh

New York Jets over paid and over hyped cornerback Darrelle Revis, is currently being investigated by police over a street fight at 2:30 am in Pittsburgh this week.

All the details are not in yet, but according to WTAE in Pittsburgh, here’s what the victims told police:

– Revis was approached by two people on the street who complimented his clothes and asked if he was Revis.

– Revis answered yes. The men continued to follow him and started recording him on a cellphone.

– A shoving match ensued as Revis asked the men to leave him alone.

– Victims say Revis grabbed the phone from one man in an attempt to delete the video, then threw the phone into Carson Street.

– A friend of Revis’ approached, and the two men were punched. Nobody saw who threw the blows.

– Both of the injured men were taken to the hospital. One suffered broken bones around his eye.

Who knocked out two kids? That’s unclear. But what’s clear is that Revis was at the center of this disaster. Where should we start? That he’s out in the streets at 2:30 am? I know, I know – he’s young, he’s enjoying life!

Police haven’t charged Revis with anything (yet), and some folks will surely debate whether he could have knocked out two young guys by himself. I maintain all those details don’t matter: This is good news for the Jets, because it gives them an excuse to part ways with Revis.

No, not just over the allegations, but the fact that he’s a shell of his former self, appeared to be dogging it most of the year, and helps them rebuild by getting out from under his terrible contract.


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