Chiefs And Raider Fans Engage In 20 Person Brawl Featuring Haymakers and Bodyslams [Video]

It wouldn’t be an AFC West night game without a little fan fight now would it? Great to see both of these teams back and there is nothing better than a fan fight in a stadium when all parties decide to not find flat ground. It’s like watching something out of the matrix with bodies flying in all different directions or that scene from inception when they fight in the spinning hotel hallway. One second you’re fighting some guy in a leather jacket and the next second he’s tagged in gravity and you have to deal with that son of a bitch too. Love the Cops in this one as well, you can tell how cold it is in a stadium when the Cops find a 20 person brawl and can only muster up a “Just go home”.

Chiefs are back, Raiders are back, couldn’t be more excited for an AFC Playoff game at Arrowhead.


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