Cam Newton Makes Incredibly Dumb Sexist Remark Towards Female Reporter [Video]

When will Cam Newton grow the f*ck up? During today’s Panthers press conference Charlotte Observer beat reporter Jourdan Rodrigue asked a routine question to Cam Newton to which he replied “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes.”

There’s a reason Cam was the only one laughing.

Rodrigue is a Panthers beat writer. She’s as qualified as anyone to ask football-related questions. It was wildly disrespectful of Newton to respond the way he did.

Rodrigue responded on Twitter:

Then she said she followed up with Newton afterwards and things didn’t get better:

It’s one thing to laugh about something during a press conference, that could be a moment of misunderstanding. But it appears he doubled down on it afterwards. That’s just not a good look.

This story will be flooding the media airways for the next 48 hours, and I would expect Cam to get a call from the league office as well.

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