Aaron Rodgers Talk About His Media Frustration

Asked about his greatest media frustration, Aaron Rodgers said:

“I think there’s so much stuff on TV now and there’s not a ton of content, so the littlest stories — i.e. a quote I had about a question that seemed silly to me — becomes a talking point with five people at a table debating things. It just seems like TV for our sport and really across the board has become people who can talk the loudest and talk nonsense and make the most ridiculous statements to try and gain viewership. Also in the same boat it’s these clickbait headlines that really have nothing to do with the gist of the story, but if they can do something just on the fringe of what was actually said in the story they’ll get the most clicks, that’ll be the headline.”

Gotta say, Rodgers makes some very valid points. The full interview is below.

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