Aaron Rodgers Dating Former Harvard Soccer Player Marie Margolius

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t waste much time hooking up with a new lady friends after breaking up with Olivia Munn broke this spring. In April Rodgers was seen with actress and model Kelly Rohrbach. Over the weekend he was reportedly seen on a date with former Harvard soccer player Marie Margolius.

Via Page Six:

The athletic duo sat close to each other in a quiet booth and feasted on cheeseburgers and monkfish and drank malbec and pinot noir. We’re told they ended the evening by sipping espresso and strolling together down the street.

Rodgers did not play in the Packers preseason opener on Friday night so the recovery involved before he could go out for malbec and monkfish on Saturday would have been minimal.

Page Six says Margolius played professionally at Ope IF, which according to Wikipedia is a club in Sweden’s 4th division. There’s no indication if she still plays there so Page Six’s use of the term “star” in their headline may be a bit strong. Though I have no way to know how many times she may have graced the cover of The Crimson while at Harvard.

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