Aaron Hernandez Wrote a Letter From Jail [UPDATE: Cost TMZ $18,000 to Obtain]

Aaron Hernandez Wrote a Letter From Jail


Aaron Hernandez wrote a letter to a pen pal declaring his innocence and TMZ got a hold of it. Law enforcement has verified the letter that Hernandez finished by asking the recipient to “keep this off social media PLEASE!” I somehow don’t see this person getting another handwritten correspondence. The letter says that the arrest is all part of God’s plan. All the people who turned on Hernandez will “feel like crap” and Hernandez can’t wait to sign autographs again and “prove all the haters WRONG.”




[UPDATE: The letter (that stated “Keep this off social media PLEASE!”) went viral a few days ago, and now the Boston Herald has learned that the huge spike in traffic for the gossip site cost them $18,000 to acquire.]

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