Watch DeMarcus Cousins Learn He’s Been Traded to New Orleans in New Orleans

DeMarcus Cousins has finally been traded after 6 and a half seasons in Sacramento. It is a day that many thought may never come – including, probably, Cousins himself. But it happened. The Kings finally decided to let go and found a willing trade partner. Here is the moment that Cousins appeared to have learned he was moving for the first time following the All-Star game.

His reaction looked like combination of mild surprise and relief giving way to extreme happiness. The Pelicans and Cousins now have work to do.

New Orleans is 2.5 games out of the 8th seed in the West. One of the teams ahead of them is the Kings so that’s one obstacle out of the way. So they just need to pass Portland and Denver to get into the playoffs. The bad news is that Minnesota and Dallas are each within a game of the Pelicans. Even if pairing the 4th and 5th leading scorers in the NBA works out, there’s no guarantee that the Pelicans make the playoffs.

So this is trade is more about the future. The Pelicans must improve spots 3-15 this offseason at whatever cost necessary or DeMarcus Cousins could start to think about signing elsewhere when he becomes a free agent during the summer of 2018. Cousins had half a decade in Sacramento and loyalty could have played a role in his re-signing there. He won’t even have time to buy a house by the time the Pelicans get bounced by the Warriors.


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