Stephen A. Smith Says Sources Are Telling Him That LeBron James Would Be ‘Tempted To Beat’ Kyrie Irving’s ‘Ass’

The Cleveland Cavaliers are having a very tumultuous offseason in 2017, as the rest of the league seems to be making moves in a effort to beat the Warriors, the Cavs have not made a single note worthy move, and now there’s trouble in the kingdom. Apparently, LeBron James is not happy with Kyrie Irving at the moment for demanding a trade from the team and is so angry that he’s willing to throw hands with his teammate, according to ESPN’s Stephen A Smith.

Yesterday, the First Take host claimed that several sources close to the Cavs situation have told him that if both players were in a room today ‘LeBron would be tempted to beat Kyrie’s ass”.

Kyrie vs LeBron would make an excellent addition to the upcoming Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor undercard.

[h/t Uproxx Sports]

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