Stephen A. Smith Blasts Phil Jackson For Signing Lamar Odom To Knicks While Odom Was ‘On Crack’

Stephen A. Smith did not hold back his criticism of Phil Jackson today,  after it was revealed that the Knicks were taking offers for franchise center Kristaps Porzingis. ESPN’s loudest and most flamboyant radio host took things a bit too far when he blasted Jackson for once signing LaMar Odom to the Knicks when he was still “on crack”.

Back in 2014, Jackson gambled on Odom and signed him to the Knicks but Lamar never played a minute for the team after it was discovered that he was still have off-the-court drug issues. While the gamble didn’t pay off for Phil and the Knicks it didn’t cost them much and the upside would have been great if Odom would have been to kick his addiction and been played for the team.

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