Steph Curry Crashed A House Party At 2AM And Slammed Some Beers With A Bunch Of Bros [Video]

Steph Curry ‘s offseason has been in full swing since winning the NBA Title back in June. When he’s not mocking LeBron James, or making fun of his teammates, he doing things like crashing random house parties and chugging beers with complete strangers.


No afterparty is complete without @stephencurry30 randomly rolling in asking to party..

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I know what you’re thing, there is no way the former MVP is partying with some average college bros, well that’s exactly what happened this past weekend around 2am after Curry attended ex-Warrior teammate Harrison Barnes’wedding in Rhode Island. He even brought Kent Bazemore along with him.

According to TMZ

The 29-year-old NBA superstar was in Newport, Rhode Island on Saturday night for the wedding of his ex-Warrior teammate, Harrison Barnes — and after the party, he was on the hunt for the after-party.

So, he rounded up a gang of 5 dudes — including Kent Bazemore — and rolled over to a nearby house that was playing loud music.

They knocked and asked if they could join in — and the gang of 20-something-year-olds inside immediately passed over the Bud Lights.

Bud Lights that half of which seemed to end up on Curry’s shirt.

One of the bros at the party even grabbed some pics and video of Curry in action.

It seems Steph is enjoying his offseason to the fullest.

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