Russell Westbrook Signs Richest Deal In NBA History On Kevin Durant’s Birthday, Coincidence? I think Not.

The question of whether or not Russell Westbrook would resign with the OKC Thunder after this season has been answered.  According to Adrian Wojnarowski,Westbrook has agreed to a 5-year, $205 million contract extension to remain in Oklahoma City.

Westbrook, by no coincidence at all, (wink, wink), signed the richest deal in NBA history on Kevin Durant‘s birthday.

After the team made big moves to add both Paul George and Carmelo Anthony, Westbrook apparently saw what he wanted to see. Credit to the Oklahoma City front office and GM Sam Presti for emerging from losing Kevin Durant to extend Westbrook and make the moves necessary to keep him in the fold.

Now, the intrigue turns to Paul George, who has long been rumored to want to join his hometown Los Angeles Lakers. Now, though, if things work in Oklahoma City this year, it’s going to be tempting to stay. Russell Westbrook is guaranteed to be there for awhile.

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