Robert Horry Threw Punches at a Youth Basketball Tournament [Video]

Robert Horry attended a 3-on-3 basketball tournament in Los Angeles on Saturday where his son was playing. Apparently some bozo took the opportunity to mock and shove the seven time NBA champion. Horry responded, as most people would, by throwing punches. 

TMZ spoke to Horry who insists he was simply defending himself.

“The guy was trash talking the whole game. He shoved me. Where I’m from, you protect yourself.”

R.H. — a 7x NBA champion — says he ultimately decided to walk away rather than continue to fight, knowing he was “the only one who was gonna lose in this situation.”

I’d  like to emphasize the point that there’s actually a grown ass man who trash-talks a youth 3-on-3 team. Who does that?!

[via TMZ]

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