Report: Boston Celtics Are A Real Threat To Steal Blake Griffin Away From The Clippers

Now that the NBA season is officially over it’s time for the free agency rumors to heat up. And we already have a head turner to start the offseason. 

According to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski of the Vertical, the Boston Celtics are very much in contention to steal away either Blake Griffin or Gordon Hayward during free agency.


“Blake Griffin, and I think the Clippers may think this too, and certainly some other teams, Boston is really the danger for Blake Griffin. I think Boston’s two primary free-agent targets right now are Gordon Hayward and Blake Griffin. Now they’re not going to get both of them, but they’re both players who would potentially have interest there, and who Boston I think looks at in different ways with their future.”

WOj went on to say the main reason the Celtics may be able land Griffin is because of their passionate fan base.

“Blake Griffin was there when Paul Piece came in for his last game with the Clippers,” “He saw how Boston reacted to Paul Pierce (in his final game in Boston) and what it means to have been a great player in Boston. It did not go unnoticed with him about how that building loved Paul. The Celtics are certainly a threat in signing Griffin.”

The Boston Celtics are one all-star player away from being serious contenders in the eastern conference. Blake Griffin despite his injury woes in the past would most certainly make the Celtics a better contender against the Cavs in the Eastern Conference.

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