Los Angeles Lakers Fan Banked In A Half-Court Shot To Win $100,000 [Video]

Now since I can remember, professional (and college) basketball teams have always had halfcourt money shot giveaways for one lucky fan in attendance. Usually it’s around $5k to $10k and after taxes ends up being a months rent (well at least here in Cali). Well, the Los Angeles Lakers have upped the stakes, as the Mandalay Bay Big Shot Jackpot gives shooters the opportunity to pocket $100,000 if they put the ball through the hoop. At last night’s game, a 27-year-old Suni Strong was given the chance to vie for the prize, and the dude had ice in his viens.

I sure hope he called “bank” before he let the ball go, because we all know out on the playground that shit wouldn’t count.

Just kidding, no I’m not, congrats Suni.

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