LeBron James Pretends To Drink Beer During Game 1 Win Over The Raptors [Video]

The Cleveland Cavaliers know they are going to the NBA Finals again, most likely a rematch with the Golden State Warriors. Which means Lebron James and Co. can chill a little bit during their series against the Toronto Raptors. And that’s just what Lebron did. Well, sorta. During last nights Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, LeBron felt comfortable enough to pantomime drinking a light beer during a stoppage in play.

Some might call this disrespectful to the Raptors, but Lebron don’t care. It’s his world, and we’re all just living in it.

UPDATE: When asked after the game why he did such an out of character thing during the heat of a playoff game James didn’t give the honest answer that he wasn’t sweating the Raptors, so why not?

Instead he explained that he was mad that he didn’t finish the “and one” on the play. And while he thought about drinking the beer he’s really not a beer guy. However, if it had been some red wine?

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