LeBron James Hilariously Dominates The Water Balloon Fight At His Son’s Birthday Party [Video]

LeBron James threw a birthday party for his son Bryce Maximus James over the weekend. The 10 year-olds birthday party involved a large water balloon fight. If you’ve ever seen that Saturday Night Live sketch of Peyton Manning playing football with kids then this will look somewhat familiar. If you haven’t seen that SNL sketch it’s an all-time classic, and I’ve included it at the bottom of this article.

Now, what you’re looking for in this clip is LeBron James cocking back and smashing a child with a water balloon at full speed. It happens at the beginning of the footage, but they replay the clip halfway through this video so if you miss it the first time just keep watching and you’ll see LeBron absolutely blasting some kid at his son’s birthday party:

Seriously, it gets better every single time I watch it….

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