LeBron James Cursed At Cavs Execs During Heated Team Meeting

The relationship between the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James might be the worst we’ve ever seen it, as the team has lost 12 of the last 18 games and now both the players and the front office are pointing fingers at each other.

According to a report from The Athletic, tensions between LeBron and the team’s front office come to a head during a heated team meeting.

Via Bleacher Report

Serious discord has reportedly surfaced between LeBron James and members of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ front office in recent weeks.

According to The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd, “James cursed toward at least two team executives” during the late January team meeting in which some players questioned the legitimacy of Kevin Love’s illness.

Lloyd noted the Cavaliers “have been noticeably pivoting away from James’ recommendations” since the offseason. According to Lloyd, James wanted them to bring Kyrie Irving to training camp, but they instead placated the point guard’s trade request by shipping him to the Boston Celtics.

The Cavs dysfunction had some teams wondering whether LeBron would have actually consider waiving his no-trade clause before the NBA trade deadline this week but Bron’s camp is insistent that the king is going to stay in Cleveland until the end of the season.

Via Yahoo Sports

As NBA teams do their due diligence on his no-trade clause and the potential of him dropping it, LeBron James remains determined to see the season through in Cleveland and will not waive the clause, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Cleveland has attempted to behave as a buyer at the trade deadline, but the first approach toward a possible rebuild would be to examine trading the team’s core players — a conversation the Cavaliers have yet to broach with James, and both sides understand his position to play the season out, league sources said. Over the past several days, several teams around the league have openly wondered about whether Cleveland would look into James dropping his no-trade — which would clear the way for a potential pursuit.

James signed a three-year, $100 million contract in 2016 to return to the Cavaliers, which included a no-trade clause, and he remains solely focused on competing for a championship in Cleveland this season.

James has publicly stated he will evaluate his free agency after the season ends.

I don’t believe a word that Lebron’s camp says, nor do I think that he is staying in Cleveland despite what was reported.

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