Kevin Durant Kissed A Fan After She Was Hit In The Head By An Errant Pass [Video]

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant has embraced the role of villain since bolting for the Bay, however, he’s still the same nice guy who told his mother that she was the “real MVP.”

When a woman sitting courtside got beaned in the head with an errant pass, Durant was quick to come over and console her with a kiss.

“She got hit pretty hard,” he said after the game. “I saw when he threw the pass, I was like, ‘Oh, this is going straight for her face.’  It hit her pretty hard and she had glasses on. So I’m sure that hurt. I just wanted to come over there because she didn’t want to open her eye. She thought she had a cut on her eye. So I told her it’s all good and gave her a kiss. Hopefully she’s alright.”

Nice guy right? What are the odds we get a piece calling the kiss “problematic” before noon? Feels like an even-money proposition in late 2017.

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