Kevin Durant Is Terrible at Drinking Beer, Spits Out His Beer During Championship Celebration [Video]

NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant etched his place in history last night as the Golden State Warriors clinched their second title in three years. He averaged 35.2 points in the series and answered every challenge LeBron James threw at him.

Turns out, negotiating the beer-soaked postgame locker room proved a more difficult task than guarding the best player on the planet.

While celebrating his championship win, KD tried to chug a beer with the boys and committed the ultimate party foul of spitting all of it out.

He also did the world’s worst impression of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

What was this all about? Does Durant not like a cold brew? He actually alluded to a possible explanation during his media availability.

“I’m talking too much at this point,” he said :I had a couple too many beers. I haven’t had a beer since February. So to have a beer right now and come talk to you guys, it feels great.”

Hopefully these party fouls will not affect his legacy with sports writers.

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