Jeanie Buss Says Her Brother Jim Was A Failure As Lakers Executive. No Sh*t Sherlock.

For those that follow the NBA, it’s now secret that the Los Angeles Lakers have been dumpster fire for the last five years. Well, now Lakers co-owner Jeanie Buss has come out strong against her brother Jim Buss in court documents, claiming he was a failure in his job as the executive vice president of basketball operations for the team. Legal documents filed to prevent her brothers Jim and Johnny from taking control of the team paint an ugly picture of the family’s relationships with each other.

In the documents Jeanie says:

“I must also point out that Jim has already proven to be completely unfit even in an executive vice president of basketball operations role and I recently had to replace him,”

She added:

“Despite the fact that I gave my brother Jim ample time to prove himself in his role … I could not allow the damage being done to the franchise over the past few years to continue.”

Jeanie further claimed that if Jim and Johnny took control of the team, they might fire Magic Johnson, “who has been hired to turn around the damage done by Jim Buss.”


Jeanie claims she thinks Jim was given “ample time” to prove himself as executive vice president and that he has attempted this coup as revenge for his firing.

Most Lakers fans would agree with Jeanie that Jim Buss was in over his head as the team’s executive vice president. He was given plenty of time to prove himself and failed to do so. Given that their father — Jerry Buss — wanted Jeanie to be the team’s owner, it’s going to be incredibly hard for Jim and Johnny to take control.

It’s really sad to see a family torn apart by business so publicly.

The Lakers have not had a winning season since the 2012-2013 season.


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