Jalen Rose Calls Paul Pierce Petty Right to His Face [Video]

Paul Pierce is getting heat ever since he found out that he would be sharing his tribute night with former Celtic Isaiah Thomas on Feb. 11, as the Celtic great has been vocal that he wants 100 percent of the spotlight. Thomas, who will be in town with the Cleveland Cavaliers, graciously asked that his own tribute video not be played.

This whole episode was unbelievably petty on Pierce’s behalf. He is apparently so insecure about his Hall of Fame career that he can’t stomach a dumb little video message to another player.

That’s why Jalen Rose should be applauded for bringing some sanity to the situation by calling out his former rival right to his face on ESPN.

“I gotta say a word for you fam,” Rose said. “I think it was petty. There are going to be all types of announcements that happen during the 48 minutes of that game. All types. Including celebrating Isaiah Thomas could be one of them. It does not take away from your situation like Kobe’s was during the game because they’re doing yours postgame.”

The plot thickens. Thomas and his wife are liking this content on social media. The pettiness is reaching dangerous levels.

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