Dwight Howard’s Sister Blasts The Atlanta Hawks And Their Fans After Her Brother Was Traded

On Tuesday, the Atlanta Hawks traded Dwight Howard to the Charlotte Hornets while he was live-tweeting about NBA trade rumors. Well today, Dwight’s sister, Tashanda, spoke with the Charlotte Observer and trashed the Hawks, along with the city of Atlanta, for blaming the team’s troubles last season on her brother.

Via The Charlotte Observer

“I hear how people talk and the things they say, and I just don’t think that Atlanta is a loyal city. I really don’t,” Tashanda Howard said Tuesday night.

“I hate to hear all the negative calls talking about my brother and the things that have been going on with the Hawks.”

“I understand the rebuilding process, but I don’t think that was the best move,” Howard’s sister said of the trade. “There were some other players that were making some pretty decent money that they could have looked at trading before Dwight.

“I don’t like the decision, I don’t like the way people are talking. Dwight Howard wasn’t a problem with the Hawks this season.”

Since leaving Orlando almost 5 years ago, Dwight Howard has fallen more than any other player in the NBA, from his inability to get along with teammates and coaches, to his declining skills, so you can’t blame the Hawks here for trying to unload his $23 million salary for a bag of chips considering how mediocre he’s been on the court.

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