Dwight Howard Continues To Be Soft, Shoved Al Horford Because He Couldn’t Take A Hard Foul [Video]

Dwight Howard is by far the softest big man in the NBA. There, I said it. The Atlanta Hawks center can’t even take a hard foul without lashing out. On Monday night Howard shoved Boston Celtics forward Al Horford after he was on the receiving end of a hard foul.

OK, that’s a hard foul by Horford, but nothing out of the ordinary or next level. He pulled Howard’s arm down to prevent him from getting a shot off. It was a basketball play.

If Howard was actually mad, why didn’t he get in Horford’s face or actually stand up for himself and go nose-to-nose with him. Instead he reached out and shoved him as he was walking away. That is the ultimate fake tough guy move.

Howard rightly received a technical foul for the shove and later was ejected from the game as he picked up his second technical for hanging on the rim.

Good job Dwight.


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