Did Russell Westbrook Wrapped Up The MVP In A Comeback Win Over The Orlando Magic?

I’m not the biggest Russell Westbrook fan, nor am I a fan of his teammates helping him pad his rebounding stats, but I have to give it up to the guy, he may have won the MVP on Wednesday night with another insane statistical game.

Westbrook put up a 57-point triple-double in an overtime comeback win over the Orlando Magic. Yes you heard me right – Russell Westbrook wrapped up the MVP by beating the team with the second-worst record in the Eastern Conference in late March.

Don’t act like NBA stars don’t compile numbers against good and bad teams in order to have great statistical seasons. So, Westbrook did that last night, making 21 of 40 field goals, grabbing 13 rebounds and handing out 11 assists in the overtime win.

It should be noted that he got an extra 5-minute period to get the triple-double as he finished regulation with a much less impressive 9 assists. Still, Westbrook only played 42 total minutes so I say we let the triple-double stand.

And by “the triple-double” I mean the 4th 50-point triple-double in NBA history. Before this season, those didn’t exist. Now they do, thanks to Westbrook and James Harden. That’s why the should probably share the MVP.

The statistical differences between Westbrook and Harden are minimal. Westbrook has more points and rebounds and plays fewer minutes. Harden has had a better season shooting and has about 1 more assist per game. Both guys have played the entire season.

Who do you think should win the NBA MVP?


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