Charles Barkley: “These Guys Today Hug and Kiss So Much … I Need a Cigarette Sometimes” [Video]

Charles Barkley decided to voice his opinion for the several thousandth time, and this time he talked about how star players used to endure harder fouls and like each other less during last nights Spurs-Cavs broadcast. As LeBron shot free throws, Barkley quipped, “These guys today man, they hug and kiss so much after the game I need a cigarette sometimes.”

I like Barkley a lot. However, all he does is constantly whine about how players these days try to make Super Teams, despite the fact the he joined forces with Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler in Houston, but I guess that doesn’t count now does it Charles?

barkley jordanbarkley jordan hug 2

[Photos via AP and CSN]

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