Charles Barkley Plans To Attend A ‘Fat Farm’ For Six Weeks After Admitting He’s Embarrassed About His Weight

Charles Barkley, the 54-year-old Hall of Famer, announced during Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday that he plans to attend a “fat camp” in San Antonio for the next six weeks to lose weight. Sir Charles, who during his playing days stood  6’6 and weighed 252 pounds, admitted that he’s embarrassed of how fat he’s become.

“Listen, I am embarrassed about how fat I have become,” the retired NBA player told fellow TNT cohost Shaquille O’Neal. “I’ve become lazy. Number one, I’m not healthy. I’m not healthy. Y’all not going to see me. I’ve got to come back for the [NBA] awards show. But I’m taking the next six weeks to get my fat ass in shape. [I won’t be] around anything. So, I don’t drink, I’ve got to eat healthy and I’ve got to work out. So, I’m disappearing until I see y’all.” [via US Magazine]

Shaq of course doubted his nemesis’ ability to shed the weight, seeing as in 2011, Barkley’s doctor warned him if he didn’t lose the weight he could develop diabetes or have a stroke.

Chuck: “I’m going to a fat farm for the next six weeks.”

Shaq: “That ain’t going to help you.”

Chuck: “It’s going to help me.”

Shaq: “You ain’t dedicated.”

Barkley said that he first gained weight in 2000, his last year playing with the Houston Rockets, after they brought Scottie Pippen on board and cut Sir Charles’ pay.

“The only year that I was fat was my last year in Houston because they had promised me $12 million,” he said. “When I showed up, the contract was only for $8 million. And I said, ‘What happened to my other $4 million?’ They said, ‘Well, we just decided to keep it.’”

I’m all for Charles getting in shape, but like Shaq I have my doubts.

[h/t SB Nation]

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