Brian Windhorst Confirms That Cavs Locker Room Smelled Like Weed After Game 2 Of The NBA Finals

On Sunday night, Mike Wise of The Undefeated tweeted that the Cavs’ locker room had a “strong reefer aroma.” Today on First Take, NBA expert Brian Windhorst was asked if this was true:

Windhorst jokingly asked Molly Qerim if that was a serious question in California, and then acknowledged that, yes, he did smell marijuana in the Cavs’ locker room. But, he said, it didn’t necessarily come from a player or players. It might have been a member of the media?

Jalen Rose made a good point later on in the segment: He said he’d have an issue with Cavs players smoking weed in the locker room, but otherwise not. “After the game, it’s no different than going to dinner, having drinks, having wine, or anything else. If it’s legal — you’re in California — and you’re an adult, you have the opportunity to do it.”

Jalen also said he wouldn’t have a problem with it: “If you can drink alcohol, if you can drink wine, if you can smoke tobacco, you should be able to smoke marijuana.”

Marijuana is not permitted by the NBA, but the instances where they actually discipline players for usage are pretty rare.

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