Coke Zero 400 Ends with One of the Most Terrifying NASCAR Wrecks You Will Ever See [Video]

Much has been made about whether Restrictor-Plate racing actually makes racing safer, or, even more dangerous than before the speed-limiting strategy was implemented.

One of the concerns about Restrictor-Plate racetracks (i.e. Daytona) is that: since everyone is pretty much going the same speed and is practically touching bumpers for the entirety of the race, it drastically increases the probability of “The Big One“, a term coined to describe a wreck so horrible — the aftermath ends up looking like a mushroom cloud.


Well, around 3 AM EST last night, as Dale Earnhardt Jr. crossed the finish line in first place: “The Big One” finally happened.

After David Ragan spun out with less than ten laps to go, the yellow caution flag flew … stacking the field for a green-white checker finish. The field made it all the way to the end without an accident, but then…

Cars spun out, hit the wall, and ignited in flames everywhere. The immediate concern, however, was the status of Austin Dillon…Who was driving the 3 car:

Here are several angles of it in slow motion…

Pit crews and paramedics scrambled to his aid…


And Austin, somehow … someway … walked away from this terrifying incident completely unharmed.


Thank God.

There were friggin’ ENGINES littered all over the infield grass like NASCAR was having a yard sale…

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Per the NBC broadcast: several fans and trackside reporters were injured by debris that passed through the catch fence. Genuinely hope everyone is ok because that was legitimately one of, if not the scariest thing I have ever witnessed during a live sporting event.

[via, Twitter]

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