Kickboxer Murthel Groenhart Knocks Out Opponent, Gets Attacked By Fans in Ring [Video]

At the Glory 42 kickboxing event in Paris on Saturday, welterweight Harut Grigorian, got a little to cocky, and turned his back on Murthel Groenhart. Groenhart then dropped a devastating punch to Grigorian’s face. 

A group of fans, who clearly thought this was a cheapshot, stormed the ring and caught with a haymaker to the face:

“Some guy caught me with a hook to my face,” Groenhart said on the broadcast, via MMA Fighting. “I got my guard up. With those hands without gloves, it came through to my chin and my teeth. I think it’s broken [jaw], I don’t know. It hurts.”

Groenhart was surprisingly level-headed for just having got his clock cleaned by a couple lunatics who had no business being in the ring.

“I was in the corner and I saw these guys coming out,” Groenhart said of the attackers. “I was like come on guys this is a sport. Things happen. Some people get emotional, too close. But this is a sport and little children are watching this sport at home. You can not come into a ring like this.”

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