Former MMA Star Brett Rogers Charged in 3 Different Cases of Sexual Misconduct

Brett Rogers, a former high profile MMA fighter, has been charged in three disparate incidents in his hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota. According to the Pioneer Press, Rogers groped a library employee in an elevator in November. Earlier this month he approached another man.

Via the Pioneer Press:

Then, on Jan. 4, he asked a man who was standing next to him at a urinal inside a bathroom in a St. Paul skyway if he wanted to engage in sexual activity inside one of the stalls, according to the complaint. When the man said no, Rogers grabbed his buttocks, the complaint said. The man quickly left and later reported the incident to police.

The third offense took place while he was in jail related to the first two incidents.

Rogers’ cellmate was sleeping when he woke to find Rogers fondling him, court documents say. He opted not to call guards out of fear that Rogers, who he described to police as “the biggest and strongest dude in the jail,” might hurt him before help arrived. He reported the incident as soon as he was released from his cell, the criminal complaint said.

At one point, Rogers was a sort of rags-to-riches story. He was discovered while changing tires at a Sam’s Club and ended up with a high profile fight against Fedor Emelianenko–who was then 33 years old, in his prime, and considered one of the best fighters alive. Rogers then took part in the Strikeforce Grand Prix in June 2011. Things almost immediately fell apart. In December 2011, Rogers was arrested for beating his wife. The Pioneer Press article says that Rogers is currently homeless.

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